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Voice-overs & Subtitling

Voice over and subtitling to your finished project offers a goldmine of financially rewarding opportunities as it enables you to seamlessly clone your hard work into foreign markets — exponentially increasing your ROI. Ensuring accuracy and impactfulness to your target is crucial. The delivery of your message depends on elements such as pronunciation, tempo, tone and volume. An entire volume for standard operating procedures could be written on any one of these components. (We could do that, but we aren’t incentivised to divulge our internal secrets which foster our clients’ success.)

Unlike most voice over companies, we have a forte in providing a wide range of accents to create the result which you seek. Our subtitle translators have the breadth of experience in your target language to deliver subtitles which will give you the best return on your investment.

Contact us for samples of our voice over artists. If you are confused about the choice of voice over versus subtitles, please contact Lenkrad Translations for a consultation to find out how we will yield you the greatest return on your investment.

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