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About Lenkrad Translations

Quality Enterprise Translation Services

Our Mission

Deliver quality enterprise translation services at competitive prices to help companies connect with customers all over the world.

Our Company

Since our launch, Lenkrad Translations has been helping businesses across the world grow online and reach new audiences. This is why we offer the best translation, subtitling, and transcription services on the market. We have a team of expert linguists from all over the world that is ready to translate your project into 40+ different languages.

Our prices are unbeatable and start at just $0.06 per word. Plus, our customer service team is available 24/7 to answer any and all of your questions.

Our Process

We commit ourselves to the highest quality of service each and every day, and here’s how we do it:


  • We prioritize every customer and every project

  • We take customer feedback seriously

  • We do more than just blunt translations

  • We partner with real people (not robots)

  • We want to open doors for your business

Enterprise Translation Services We Offer

Medical • Legal • Certificates • Software • Mobile Apps • Games • Websites • Voice-Overs • Subtitles • Transcription


Affordable • Fast • On-Time • Accurate

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