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Marketing Documents & Transcreations

Marketing translation requires a special touch. A transcreation is a translation which is dedicated to the message of the source file as opposed to remaining 100% committed to the literal translation of the source file. Marketing and direct response sales copywriting are great examples of cases for transcreation. Greater latitude typically is warranted to yield the strongest impact. Transcreation tasks require a translator who is experienced with copywriting to the target reader. Hiring a general translator to handle text specifically intended to boost sales conversion rates is, therefore, not in your best interests. Likewise, a knowledge of the target culture is needed for transcreation to align with the appropriateness of the text (and even images) for your intended audience.

Our specialists who handle marketing docs have knowledge with current best practices in SEO. We also speak the language of CTAs and sales conversions. Capturing the essence of your advertising in a translation is not a task that should be handled without copywriting experience in your target market. We will keep your voice but will watch over your shoulder to make sure your impact is not lost to your new audience.

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