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Software and Apps

Moving your IT technology into foreign markets is an exciting endeavor. Software and app translations may be simple tasks or may be quite demanding — and this typically depends on your intended reader for the target file.

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Website Localisation

Your website is most likely your #1 modus operandi for interacting with your customers. As such, your site is a crucial part of your business investment. You certainly don’t want to blow it with unintuitive localisation efforts.

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Gaming Translations

Preserving the robustness of your game app through the translation process should not be compromised as you scale your game app globally. Keeping the spirit of gaming while providing an accurate translation is a task upon which our...

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Legal Translations

The digital age now allows for legally-binding transactions to take place regardless of a person’s location. With this convenience comes a greater responsibility to ensure that language barriers are not an excuse to any...

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Copywriting Services

Tailor-crafted copywriting will increase your click-through rates and your sales conversion rates. The style of your content encompasses the actual style guide used (such as Hart’s Rules) as well as the formality of your voice.

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Certificate translations tend to be incremental tasks, but the accuracy and importance of such jobs merit high-quality output.

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Medical Translations

Within the field of translations, medical translations tend to be the most technically demanding due to the vocabulary complexity. Clients have a range of translation needs spanning a variety of medical fields further broken down...

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Marketing Documents

Marketing translation requires a special touch. A transcreation is a translation which is dedicated to the message of the source file as opposed to remaining 100% committed to the literal translation of the source file. Marketing and direct....

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Whitepapers often serve as a client’s main cornerstone from which their content marketing campaign is built. One hack that we’ve learned is to transcreate whitepapers which can easily be repurposed into other media forms to give our clients...

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Voice-overs & Subtitling

Voice over and subtitling to your finished project offers a goldmine of financially rewarding opportunities as it enables you to seamlessly clone your hard work into foreign markets — exponentially increasing your ROI. Ensuring accuracy and impactfulness.......

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Transcriptions are a vital part of ongoing day-to-day operations for many businesses. Converting an audio file into a written text in today’s fast-paced and competitive marketplace requires technology. Voice recognition, for instance in the case...

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Multilingual Project Management

We work closely with a network of professional linguists throughout Europe, and are able to co-ordinate multilingual projects for private companies.
Spanish - Catalan - English - German - Portuguese - Italian - Dutch, etc.

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