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Q: How to resolve SQLCOMMAND timeout error? I am trying to connect to SQL Server from our ROR app running on a dev machine, but getting timeout errors. I am not sure how to resolve this. I am using the following connection string in my ROR app: c1 = ActiveRecord::Base.establish_connection( :adapter => "mssql2", :host => "***.***.***.***", :database => "***_db_dev", :username => "***", :password => "***", :pool => 5 ) I have edited the SQL Server configuration file (mssql2.ini) on the dev server and disabled the Timeout on the connection attempts as seen below. [SQLServer] Connection Timeout = 50 Max Pool Size = 20 I have also tried stopping/starting SQL Server, no luck. Any other suggestions? A: A couple things that could be going on. Setting the timeout on the server is not your solution. When you run net stop mssql the server will not go down for another 50 seconds. Therefore, the timeout on the connection is not going to work. You can try net start mssql Instead of stopping and starting the service, you could restart it. Make sure your startup script for the service is correct. Any chance that the dev server may be trying to connect to another database? You can use sqlcmd to verify your connection strings. You can see if you are connecting to your dev server or the test server by running: sqlcmd -S localhost sqlcmd -S ***.***.***.*** You could also run select @@servername to verify. (Reference) The Timeout option on the server is only for connection attempts from the client. It is not the timeout for the connection




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Logicproforwindows7freedownloadfull15 [Updated] 2022

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